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Young student reading a bus scheduleOnce you have completed all of the ctti certification requirements, apply here to begin the certification testing process.  Once your testing application has been processed and approved, you will receive a packet of information to complete for the certification test.  The test will include the following:

  • An online test must be completed by applicants to demonstrate understanding of travel training concepts, techniques and strategies.
    • 90% accuracy constitutes a passing grade.
  • Verification of hands-on travel training through testing practicum
    • One-to-one instruction should occur following the minimum standards listed below:
      • For applicants with less than 1 year of travel training experience
        • A minimum of 20 hours of training must be documented
      • For applicants with 1-5 years of travel training experience
        • A minimum of 10 hours of training must be documented
      • For persons with 5 or more years of travel training experience
        • A minimum of 5 hours of training must be documented
      • Documentation must include teaching both cognitive and physical travel skills
      • The instruction from start to finish must include:
        • A functional assessment of the trainee
        • The development of travel training goals for the trainee
        • The development of a task analysis for at least one aspect of training
        • The assessment of the trainee’s path of travel
        • Progress reports from training sessions
      • A final report on the applicant’s training experience, including:
        • An assessment of the safety and security methods used during training
        • A detailed list of the training strategies implemented during training
        • An assessment of the degree to which the trainee obtained his/her goals
      • ESPA Consulting will provide hard copy and electronic forms to complete the required documentation.
      • Copies of all forms (either hard copy or electronic) must be submitted for each of the tasks above.
      • This information will be reviewed to determine successful completion of the hands-on travel training portion of certification. A follow-up phone interview may be necessary to make this determination.
      • The review committee for this portion of the certification program includes at a minimum, an Easterseals Project Action Consulting representative and 2 experienced travel trainers with a minimum of 10 years of active participation in the travel training field.

Total Credit Hours for Initial Certification – 60 hours in 2 years plus hours spent taking the online exam and verification of hands-on travel training practicum

Visit the Certifications FAQ page for answers to common questions on the certification program.  For additional questions/comments, email ESPAConsulting@easterseals.com.

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