Certification Program Fees

Certification Program Fees2024-01-29T10:24:10-05:00

Young Asian girl and older Asian man pointing to transit mapCertification program fees imposed by Easterseals Project Action Consulting and/or the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) for the Travel Training Certification (ctti, Certified Travel Training Instructor) include the following:

Certification Program Registration Fee ($1000)

The registration fee includes the following courses plus the cost of the practicum review and online testing.

Required Courses

  • Introduction to Travel Training Online Course
  • Elements of a Travel Training Program Online Course
  • Community Connections & Your Role as a Travel Trainer Online Course

Required Topics

  • Travel Training Assessment: Determining Student Competency Webinar
  • Best Practices in Travel Training Assessments Webinar
  • Introduction to Street Crossing for Travel Trainers Webinar
  • Intersection Design, Accessible Equipment, and Tools for Teaching Street Crossing Webinar
  • Travel Training Data Collection Standards Webinar
  • Importance of Data Collection for Travel Training Programs Webinar

Advanced Course

  • Advanced Travel Training Strategies Course

Online Test

  • A online test will be administered via the Easterseals online learning platform once all the required coursework for the certification program is complete.

Testing Practicum

  • Once the online test has been completed successfully (a passing score is required), the practicum materials will be made available. A minimum of 10 travel training hours is required of all practicum participants.
  • There are no anticipated fees associated with the certification testing practicum.
  • If fees are incurred, for example, public transportation fees during the on the street training, these are the sole responsibility of the travel training certification applicant and/or his/her employer and will not be reimbursed by ESPA Consulting or CUTR.
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