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Easterseals has provided exceptional comprehensive, person-centered direct services to children and adults with all types of disabilities so they can live, learn, work and play in their communities for nearly 100 years. Easterseals annually provides direct services and support to more than 1.8 million individuals and their families through employment services, transportation education, early intervention, inclusive childcare, medical rehabilitation, assistive technology and senior services.

Easter Seals Project ACTION was commissioned by Congress in 1988 as a research and demonstration project to improve access to public transportation for people with disabilities. With the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990, Easterseals Project ACTION became a full-fledged training and technical assistance center with the primary goal of assisting the disability community and the transportation industry with achieving one goal—to ensure accessible community transportation in our nation.

In 2014 the Federal Transit Administration announced a restructuring of its technical assistance centers, and Easter Seals Project ACTION wanted to continue assisting communities as they increased accessible transportation options. At the same time, Easter Seals, in preparation for its 100th anniversary in 2019, was undergoing a rebranding effort and altering its name to Easterseals. Thus, Easterseals Project Action Consulting was established in 2015 as a permanent consulting division of Easterseals to provide states, regional agencies, and transportation and human service providers with customized solutions and expertise to meet their specific needs.