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Since this is a new service, we don’t yet know all of the questions that our constituents might have.  Here are a few questions/answers that we believe will help you to decide if this service is a good fit.  Check back frequently, as this list will likely grow!

Will other training topics be added to the full course listing over time?

Yes! We will be expanding the full course listing over time so that subscribers have the ability to build their new, customized  library with each subscription year?

How do I access my subscription materials?

Once you complete the registration process for your subscription, ESPA staff will begin building your customized training library on our Online Learning Platform.  Within one week of registering, you’ll receive the information to get connected to your training materials via email.

Can I earn Certificates of Completion for the courses in my subscription plan?  If so, how?

Yes!  All trainings are eligible for completion certificates.  If you’d like to request a certificate, simply complete the quiz associated with that training and email the certificate request to

What if I/my organization decides to cancel our subscription?  Can we get a refund?

Refunds will be issued within 2 weeks of subscribing to the service less a cancellation fee of 10% for administrative time to set up the course and users.  Refunds will only be offered if course materials have not been accessed.  To request a refund, please email

What other training opportunities does ESPA provide?

ESPA provides a plethora of training opportunities in a variety of formats.  We offer professional certification programs in Travel Instruction, Mobility Management, ADA Paratransit Management, and Volunteer Transportation Management.  Additionally, we offer several virtual and in-person trainings on topics such as Determining ADA Paratransit Eligibility, Fundamental and Advanced Transit Management,  Introduction to Travel Training, and others.