Requirements for Certification

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Candidates can become a Certified Travel Training Instructor by completing the following steps:

  • Rural travel training students standing by blue busCompleting a series of foundation and elective courses totaling 60 credit hours within 2 years of registration into the program (All courses and webinars are available online!)
  • Passing an online test to verify knowledge in travel training
  • Successful completion of travel training practicum (10 hours of hands-on travel training)

Steps to Certification

All of the following steps should be completed within two years of registration. All courses are hosted by Easterseals Project Action and can be accessed on the Easterseals learning portal (connection information provided upon registration for the certification program).

Step 1—Complete the Foundation Courses (42 total hours):

  • Introduction to Travel Training Workshop (18 credit hours)
  • Elements of a Travel Training Program (12 credit hours)
  • Community Connections & Your Role as a Travel Trainer (12 credit hours)

Step 2—Complete the Webinars on Required Topics (9 total hours):

  • Topic: Assessments
    • Travel Training Assessments: Determining Student Competency (Webinar)
    • Best Practices in Travel Training Assessments (Webinar)
  • Topic: Street Crossing
    • Introduction to Street Crossing for Travel Trainers (Webinar)
    • Intersection Design, Accessible Equipment & Tools for Teaching Street Crossing (Webinar)
  • Data collection
    • Travel Training Data Collection Standards (Webinar)
    • Importance of Data Collection for Travel Training Programs (Webinar)

Step 3—Complete the Advanced Travel Training Course (9 total hours):

The Advanced Travel Training Strategies course is a comprehensive online course covering advanced travel trainer strategies including working with trainees with psychiatric disabilities and other less common disabilities, behavioral strategies and techniques from a trainer perspective, using physical strategies safely, advanced street crossing techniques, and more.

Step 4—Certification Test

Complete an online, open-book test of your travel training knowledge. A minimum grade of 90% is required to pass the certification test.

Step 5—Practicum

Complete a hand-on travel training practicum. A minimum of 10 hours providing travel training (the assessment and prep time may be included in the 10 hours) and submit required practicum documentation.

Total hours for certification: 60 credit hours plus test and practicum hours

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