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//Certification Program Frequently Asked Questions
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The following are frequently asked questions regarding the Easterseals and Center for Urban Transportation Research co-sponsored certification programs.  If your question is not covered below, email your question/comment to ProjectAction@easterseals.com.

Easterseals Project Action has entered into a formal agreement with the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) to provide the Travel Trainer Certification.  Easterseals Project Action develops and monitors the training and practicum for the certification with close review and approval provided by CUTR.  CUTR provides and issues the actual certification.

A full list of the Travel Training certification requirements can be found here.  If you have questions, email ProjectAction@easterseals.com with “Certification Requirements” in the subject line.

For a full list of fees associated with the certification programs, visit the Certification Program Fees page.  If you have additional questions, email ProjectAction@easterseals.com with “Certification Fees” in the subject line.

We believe that the certification program is a progressive program. Each course and webinar builds on and efficiently covers a comprehensive list of topics within the certification area. Therefore, all courses and webinars are required. Work experience may not be substituted for any of the courses or webinars required for the initial certification.

You will have 2 years from the date you register for the program to complete the process including courses, webinars, the certification test, and the practicum (if required).

Within 2 years of of receiving your certification and every two year period you wish to retain your certification after that, you must obtain 15 credit hours of acceptable training on the certification topic. These workshops/courses/webinars may be taken from Easterseals or other organizations. Please see the Submitting Continuing Education Credits Page for more information.

Continuing education credits may be obtained from Easterseals Project Action and/or other organizations. See the How to obtain continuing education credits page for more information and instructions to request these credits.

Anyone that has completed courses or webinars required for the certification program within 1 year prior to registering for the program may count these courses/webinars toward their certification program. See the How to Count Past Easterseals Courses and Webinars Toward Certification Page for more information.  

Upon registration for a certification program, you were entered into the Easterseals Project Action online learning portal. On the portal, you were given access to a course with instructions on submitting/uploading information into Certemy (our online certification database). Please login to the online learning portal and watch the short webinar explaining how to submit your certificates and information to Certemy.

See the Travel Training Certification Requirements page for detailed requirements on the Travel Training Certification.
See the Paratransit Manager Certification Requirements page for detailed requirements on the Paratransit Management Certification.

Once you have received your travel training certification certificate from CUTR, you may list the ctti (Certified Travel Training Instructor) credentials following your name for the travel training certification and CAPM (Certified ADA Paratransit Manager) for the paratransit manager certification.

No.  Persons new to and/or unfamiliar with the field may register for and complete the certification program.

One credit hour is equal to one hour of instruction.  For example, one 90 minute webinar would count as 1.5 credit hours.

Additional ESPA Consulting course and certification information can be found at https://www.projectaction.com/certification-programs/.

Additional CUTR program information can be found at http://www.cutr.usf.edu/.

You may contact Easterseals Project Action for information on the certification program and/or other training and technical assistance opportunities via phone at (800) 221-6827 or via email at ProjectAction@easterseals.com.

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