Best Practices in Travel Training Assessments

/Best Practices in Travel Training Assessments

Best Practices in Travel Training Assessments

March 1, 2023 all-day
Pre-Recorded Webinar
Easterseals Project Action

Presenter : Kristi McLaughlin, Easterseals Project Action
Webinar Available From/To: March 1 – 31, 2021
Registration/Purchase Fee: $25

**NOTE: If you are a participant in or plan to register for the CTTI program, DO NOT use this link to register for this webinar. You can register for the CTTI Program HERE. If you’re already a participate in CTTI and need to register for this webinar, email to request the registration link.

Best Practices in Travel Training Assessments addresses the role of the assessment as the foundation in one-on-one travel instruction, as well as the methods that travel trainers can use to respectfully and thoroughly assess a prospective trainee’s skills and independent travel goals and needs. Learners will become versed in how to develop and enhance intake and assessment forms and will practice multiple trainee assessment strategies. This webinar also addresses the importance of developing assessments that thoughtfully consider topics such as community safety and fears related to travel training, path of travel barriers, disability information and trip planning.

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