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Easterseals Project Action Consulting offers the following training and resources dedicated to the practice of travel training.

Certified Travel Training Instructor (ctti) Program – Certified through CUTR, the program provides new and veteran travel trainers with the Certified Travel Trainer credential.  Credits earned through ESPAC, other professional organizations and work experience can be applied toward the total 60 hours needed for initial certification.

Introduction to Travel Training Course – This training initiative is provided to increase the skills, knowledge and abilities of travel training professionals.  Visit our courses and schedule page for details and upcoming course information.

Join our online travel training community – ESPAC hosts a Global Travel Training Community, providing a forum for members to pose questions, share answers, ideas and actual resources, discuss issues, and much more.

Travel Training Webinars and Online Courses – Easterseals Project Action Consulting hosts webinars and online courses on various travel training topics.  Visit our courses and schedule page for details and registration information.

Additional Recommended Resources

Travel Training Success Stories – Whether you are a person considering travel training, a family member looking for ways to increase the independence of someone you love or if you are a travel training practitioner or administrator, these success stories will give you a glimpse of how travel training improves the lives of people with disabilities and older adults.

Creating Ladders of Opportunity for Youth with Disabilities: The Role of Transportation in Supporting Transition to Postsecondary Education, Employment, and Community Living

This Easterseals Project ACTION information brief summarizes findings regarding the work of school districts to implement transportation education and travel instruction programs to support youth transition. The paper provides an analyses of interviews, learning from participation in national events, and the reflections of transition professionals from Chicago Public Schools as they integrate mobility and transportation education in classroom instruction.

Travel Training: How to Decide if It’s the Way to Go — A new resource for working with the parents of adult children with intellectual disabilities. Cost $8.00 Discounts available on orders of 15+. To order, contact Barb Borg (720) 438-9665 or Susan Unger (720) 436-9358

Association of Travel Instruction (ATI) — A national professional association which exists to develop the relatively new professions of travel training instructor and travel trainer for seniors and persons with disabilities, other than those with blindness. The goal of ATI is to serve the practitioners who teach persons with disabilities and seniors to use public transit safely and independently.

Medical Transportation Management (MTM) — A medical and transportation management company whose mission is to partner with clients in developing innovative solutions for accessing healthcare, increasing independence and connecting community resources in the most cost-effective manner. MTM’s travel training program, On the Move, was created to assist communities, public transit agencies, school districts and other agencies to provide travel training services in the community. On the Move also offers free webinars and other resources.

The Consortium for the Educational Advancement of Travel Instruction (CEATI) was created to enhance through education the knowledge and skills of those professionals who are teaching travel skills to persons with disabilities and seniors. CEATI pledges to provide skill development through in-service courses and published papers.

Can Travel Training Services Save Public Transportation Agencies Money? This TR News January-February 2012 article, co-written by ESPA, describes field test results of a travel training cost-benefit model co-developed by ESPA.