How to Submit Organization & Event Experience for Credits

/How to Submit Organization & Event Experience for Credits
How to Submit Organization & Event Experience for Credits2020-04-23T07:58:37-04:00

Credit for required topics and/or electives by participation in other webinars or workshops may be submitted by individuals and/or organizations for consideration. Staff will determine when and how many credit hours will be offered for other events To submit organization and event experience for credits, follow these steps:

  • Gather the following information:
    • Your full name, organization and contact information (as it appeared on your certification registration)
    • The name of the certification you are working toward
    • A description of the webinar or workshop including date (either date it occurred or was recorded – sessions have to have occurred within 2 years of submitting them for credit), length of actual training time, topics covered, and organization presenting the webinar or workshop
    • Proof of participation (certificate, email from a representative of the organization providing the webinar or workshop, etc.)
  • Email the above information in electronic format to with “Credits for Certification” in the subject line

Instructors/organizations may submit their workshops for certification credit in advance of offering their workshop(s) by providing the following:

  • Title and description of the event
  • Instructor’s name/title/organization
  • Length of time for instruction (only actual instruction time will be counted)
  • Place and time of event

Instructor submissions will be considered and if selected for certification credits, staff will designate the number of credit hours and provide a code for identifying learners participating in the certification program.