Step to Completing the Mobility Management Certification Program

///Step to Completing the Mobility Management Certification Program
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Steps to Completing the Mobility Management Certification Program

Candidates can become a Certified Mobility Manager by:

  • Completing the required 50 credit hours; Foundations Course + Electives
  • Completing the required 10 credit hours; Final Project
  • Completing the coursework within 2 years of initial registration
  • Submitting any supporting documentation for all external electives  


Step 1: Foundation Courses (24 total hours): 

Essentials of the Americans with Disabilities Act (6 credit hours)

  • Introduction to the ADA
  • Reasonable Modifications to the ADA
  • Disability Etiquette and Proper Communication
  • Homework: Program Inventory + Analysis

Foundations of Mobility Management (6 credit hours)

  • Defining your Mobility Management Program
  • Coordination & Local Resources
  • Mobility Networks & Strategic Communication
  • Keeping you Program in Balance
  • Homework: Talking Points + Goals

Understanding Transportation (6 credit hours)

  • How Transit Programs Operate
  • Transportation Plans
  • Understanding the Regulations to Assist Passengers
  • Transit Stakeholders and Organizations
  • Homework: Program Inventory + Analysis

Transit Funding & How to Get It (3 credit hours)

  • Traditional & Non-Traditional Transit Funding
  • Understanding the Rules & Regulations
  • Your Role in Transportation Planning
  • Grant Writing & Local Match Strategies
  • Homework: Program Inventory + Analysis

Community Outreach for Mobility Managers (3 credit hours)

  • Building a Marketing Plan
  • Using Marketing Tools Efficiently
  • Have Fun with It!
  • Homework: Program Inventory + Analysis

Step 2: Elective Hours/Courses (26 total hours):
Elective hours/coursework must be on mobility management related topics and may be taken through ESPA or another organization. Candidates must submit documentation of the training + hours earned. All submissions for electives will be approved by ESPA Staff. Here are some great sources of training opportunities specifically for Mobility Managers:

**Foundation Courses are provided by Easterseals Project Action. Elective coursework may be taken through Easterseals or other organizations. Additional registration fees may apply for electives and are not included in the registration for the CMM program.


Step 3: Final Project (10 total hours):

After successful completion of the Foundation & Elective Coursework you may start working on the final project. This element of the course is designed to align many of the homework assignments completed throughout the course and apply that knowledge to your mobility management program.

The Final Project will be to develop a Mobility Management Toolkit that will serve as a resource for their region, highlight program specific policies or guidelines for riders and inform potential program outcomes.

Official notification will be provided by ESPA indicating successful completion of the coursework and final project and an official certificate will be issued. Certified Mobility Managers will be able to display the CMM logo to their signature line or added to their program materials.

Certified Mobility Management Program Completion
60 Total Credit Hours | Completed within 2 Years of Registration

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