Maintaining Your ctti Certification

///Maintaining Your ctti Certification
Maintaining Your ctti Certification2017-02-06T17:26:12-05:00

ESPA Consuling travel trainer instructor and participantsThe following must be completed each subsequent 2 year period to maintain your ctti certification:

  • 10 credit hours on any topic pertaining to travel training (See above requirements for submitting credit hours.)
  • Verification of continuing hands-on travel training through a travel training practicum
    • One-to-one instruction should occur following the minimum standards listed below:
      • A minimum of 5 hours of training must be documented
    • Documentation must include teaching both cognitive and physical travel skills
    • The instruction from start to finish must include:
      • A functional assessment of the trainee
      • The development of travel training goals for the trainee
      • The development of a task analysis for at least one aspect of training
      • The assessment of the trainee’s trip path of travel
      • Progress reports from training sessions
    • A final report on your training experience, including:
      • An assessment of the safety and security methods used during training
      • A detailed list of the training strategies implemented during training
      • An assessment of the degree to which the trainee obtained his/her goals
    • ESPA Consulting will provide hard copy and electronic forms to complete the required documentation.
    • Copies of all forms (either hard copy or electronic) must be submitted for each of the tasks above.
    • This information will be reviewed to determine successful completion of the hands-on travel training portion of recertification. A follow-up phone interview may be necessary to make this determination.
    • The review committee for this portion of the recertification program includes at a minimum, an Easterseals Project Action Consulting representative and 2 experienced travel trainers with a minimum of 10 years of active participation in the travel training field.

Credit Hours for maintaining Certification – 10 hours every 2 years plus hours spent on verification of hands-on travel training practicum


Visit the Certifications FAQ page for answers to common questions on the certification program.  For additional questions/comments, email

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